2012 will see me entering my 25th year of business.  The changes in banking and accounting over this time have changed greatly.  For around the first 18 years of business I felt the need to do all of my own book work.  Now knowing what working in closer with our accountant can do for me, I have to wonder why we would ever want to spend so much valuable time on doing it all ourselves.

The team at McKenzie’s right through the office you are very pleasant, happy, personal and private.

Using Banklink and internet banking have been the biggest changes over the years and doing regular cash flow updates with the team at McKenzie’s have been the most valuable to me.

Working in closer with your accountant can see you knowing exactly where you want to be and knowing what your tax position is going to be before you get the bill is the added bonus.

My experience with McKenzie’s and the money I spend with them is the best money my business can spend to know that my business will be on track with very pleasing results.

Thank you McKenzie & Co