Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation


Effective use of software and hardware can provide enormous benefits to your business. Let us help you make the right choice when it comes to accounting software.

Choosing the right system for your business is not straight-forward, there are over sixty different accounting packages available in New Zealand. We are committed to keeping up-to-date with the progression of these products; this enables us to recommend the best accounting solution for your business.


Our experienced team can advise on:

  • Accounting or payroll software applications
  • Data security & efficiency
  • Training you to be self-sufficient users
  • Electronic banking
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Run your business and access your accounts from work, home or on the go.
Invite others to view your accounts and provide valuable real-time advice.
Your data is completely secure even if your computer is lost or stolen.

Collaborate online

Work together as a team on financials. Collaborate with your accountant and bookkeeper to get the advice you need, when you need it. Invite an unlimited number of people for free. You control what each person can see.

Mac, PC, mobile

The beauty of Xero online accounting is that you can work on any system – Mac, Windows or Linux. Plus there’s a mobile version designed for smartphones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Always up-to-date

All your invited users have access to the latest version of your financial data. You never need to worry about installing software. With Xero online accounting your data is never out-of-date.

Private and secure

Your data has never been safer. We operate multiple redundant servers at tier-one data centres, guarded 24/7/365 and we run database backups every 10 minutes.

Free software updates

Software updates are free and automatically available when you login. Every 3-6 weeks we release innovative new features and enhancements based on ideas from our customers.

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Spend less time on your books and more time on your business

When you’re running your own business, it’s important to keep your mind on the job. You don’t want to waste time crunching the numbers and completing your bookwork when you could be spending that time on your business.

  • Simplifies and automates your accounting process
  • Saves you time and money – virtually eliminates manual data entry and reduces time spent on bookwork
  • Accurate and secure data supplied to your accountant daily, weekly or monthly
  • Timely financial reports to help with business decision making (cash flow, P&L etc)
  • Reduces stress – you don’t need to understand accounting, you’ll have fewer queries from your accountant, and you won’t need to supply receipts, bank statements or files from other accounting software
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Team Viewer

Note: McKenzie+Co use version 13 of team viewer. To download Quick Support, click on the Team Viewer logo (to the left) then run the ‘Team Viewer’ application once it has downloaded.

The friendly All-In-One solution for:

  • Remote Maintenance
  • Support
  • Remote Access and Home Office
  • Simple, fast and secure support over the Internet

We have found TeamViewer to be an incredibly valuable tool in supporting your needs. Our customer support can talk you through a problem over the phone while demonstrating the solution on your PC from our office!

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For anyone looking for a simple, inexpensive, easy-to-use wages package, this is it.  Even though this isn’t one of those in the “cloud” software programmes, they do offer online backup services.We can help you with installation and any questions.

  • Great pricing, excellent support.
  • Fully featured
  • Makes PAYE easy
  • Free trial for 60-days
  • Suitable for small to medium businesses

It makes filing your PAYE returns an easy task by either just printing the already calculated form or by saving an electronic format to file online with the IRD.

Another great feature is emailing payslips.  There are so many options with reports too.

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Farm Focus

With over 30 years’ experience delivering farm management software for New Zealand farmers, Farm Focus provides:

  • Autocoded bank and rural trader imports
  • GST Returns
  • Cashflows and Budgets
  • Invoicing
  • Reports that monitor your farm’s performance

It has been designed for farmers by farmers. Take a Walkthrough of the program to get an overview of how Farm Focus can help you.  Sign up for a free trial today.

It’s so easy for us to access their file for year end accounts and answer any questions throughout the year. Online provides multi-site access – you can retrieve your Farm Focus information from any authorised computer.

Being an online programme you are always working on the most up-to-date version of the software.  You no longer need to worry about backups. Your data is stored in the ‘cloud’ which means it’s more accessible and easily restored if your pc fails.


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Money Works

Get to really know your business with MoneyWorks accounting software.

An excellent software package for  any commercial business big or small.  You can have as much data showing as you like, no rolling to the next year and transactions are so easy to find.

Works on either Mac or Windows computers.

What can MoneyWorks do for you?

  • Cashbook
  • General Ledger
  • GST Returns
  • Debtor Invoicing
  • Track Creditors
  • Products and Inventory
  • Names Database
  • Custom Forms Designer
  • Reporting
  • 45 Day Free Trial

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Our Library

You are most welcome to borrow any of the following books from our library:


Get off the Grass – Shaun Hendy & Paul Callaghan

Life after farming – Rhodes Donald

A Little Book of Financial Wisdom – phwealth

Managing Conflict in the Family Business – Kent Rhodes & David Lansky

A New Zealand Guide Family Trusts – Martin Hawes

Family Trusts – The New Zealand Must-Have Guide – Martin Hawes

Family Business Succession – Craig E Aronoff, Stephen L McClure, John L Ward

Good to Great – Jim Collins

Family Meetings – Craig E Aronoff, John L Ward

Keeping Farming in the Family – Ian Ross Blackman

Water, North Otago’s Gold – Keith Pheasant

Strategic Planning for the Family Business – Randel S Carlock and John L Ward

A Cut Above, cooking with AngusPure – Gerhard Egger

Process Consultation Revisited – Edgar H Schein