Business Systems

Business Systems

Are your Business Systems supporting or hindering your efficiency and access to accurate data?

Business Systems – increase organisational efficiency, identify information types, databases, financial systems, storage media, track data through processes, manage data, track manual and electronic information flows, flow analysis and re-engineering.


You may qualify for part funding from the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN)

Being organised leaves more room for spontaneity.

– Kimberly Pappas

Benefits of Business Systems:

  • Record Keeping – processes and procedures for organising, processing and storing business related data relevant to an organisation.


  • Organisational Efficiency – setting up efficient office systems, reducing businesses costs through effective business systems, improving workflow, information technology.


  • Operational Systems and Procedures – identifying, documenting organisation procedures, retaining “in head” procedures when key staff exit the organisation.


  • E-commerce – on-line trading, e-business applications, b-2-b/b-2-c commerce, integration of backroom systems with front-end.


  • Benchmarking – the systematic and continuous process of identifying, learning and adapting best practices from national and international businesses in the same industry to help a business improve its business performance.


  • Distribution – best ways to store, handle and move products and services so that they are available to customers at the right time and in the right place.


  • Cyber security strategy.

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