Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Keep up to date with the team at McKenzie+Co!

All the information you need about us as quickly as possible. Feel free to check out the latest information on Upcoming Events as well as all those important dates we may not be here!


Office Hours

Our office can be found at

16 Wear Street, Oamaru. 

If you require more information

head over to our contact page!

Monday – Friday

8:30am – 5:00pm

Office Closures:

Midday Friday 22nd December 2023 until 8.30am Monday 8th January 2024

Upcoming Events / Important Information:

We want to say “Thank You” for your continued support.


The McKenzie & Co Elves have been very busy and will be leaving gifts under our tree for you all.


These will be available from Monday 11th December, so please make sure you come in and choose a gift

Contact us today to organise a meeting, join us for an event or join our mailing list.

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