History of McK

Our History

2015On 14th February: Practice moved to temporary home at 153 Thames St (old BNZ bank building) while the new permanent home was being constructed.
On 31st August: Practice moved to newly constructed permanent home at 16 Wear Street (old Colourview building).
2013On 11th January: Adair Craik resigned as Director of McKenzie Craik.
On 16th July: Company name changed to McKenzie & Co Limited
2011On 31st March Arch Thomas retired from McKenzie Craik Ltd
2010On 26th March the practice moved to 10 Wear Street (Rattray’s building).
2008On 1st July McKenzie Chartered Accountants Ltd merged with Adair Craik Chartered Accountants Ltd and became known as McKenzie Craik Ltd.
2004Mr W V (Wilf) Thomas resigned his part time employment ending 68 years of continued associated with the firm.
2002The practice moved to 120 Thames Street (old Westpac bank).
2001Due to the failing health of Bruce Perkins, the partnership of Perkins Thomas & Co was sold to Mr Fraser McKenzie who continued the firm under the name McKenzie Chartered Accountants Ltd.
1997The practice moved to Central Chambers, 19 Eden Street.
1991The practice moved next door to the former Oamaru Borough Council Chambers (Opera House building).
1986Arch Thomas, son of Mr W V Thomas, purchased Mr Cusack’s share and entered into partnership with Mr Perkins trading as Perkins Thomas & Co.
1985The practice moved from 87 Thames St which it had occupied from pre-war years to 100 Thames St (formerly the old Waitaki District Council offices) and practised under the name Perkins & Co.
1983The farm accounting practice of W A Cox & Co was purchased.
1981Mr Bruce Perkins entered into partnership with Mr Cusack continuing to trade as C G Meikle & Co.
1979Messrs Thomas and Cusack continued to trade under the name of Meikle and Co until March 1979 when Mr Cusack bought out Mr Thomas’ share. Mr Thomas agreeing to continue to work for another 3 years.
1963The firm of Thomas, Leggett and Cusack, trading as Meikle & Co, continued until 1963 when Mr Leggett resigned in order to go into the transport business forming Waitaki Transport Holdings Ltd in Oamaru.
1954In July Mr Corlett resigned from the Partnership, having purchased a farm at Five Forks and Mr K T Cusack was invited to join the firm.
1950In March Messrs Corlett and Thomas invited their Senior Clerk, Mr W M Leggett, to become a partner.
1946In August Mr Cuthbertson resigned from the partnership to take on a commercial fishing venture with his brother. Mr Thomas joined forces with Mr J Corlett, accountant at the National Mortgage Agency, and bought out both Mr Cuthbertson and Mr Meikle. In the meantime, Mr Meikle had purchased a farming property at Parnassus.
1944The business continued in this way until 1st March, when Mr Meikle, Mr Thomas and Mr S R Cuthbertson went into partnership together. Mr Meikle still being in the Armed Forces.
1942Mr Meikle left to join the Armed Forces for service in New Zealand. At this stage the staff was down to Mr R F Chase, an Office Junior, and two female typist/clerks, all under the charge of Mr W V Thomas.
1938Mr J B Spear left to become Manager of the Farm Accounting Association. He later resigned from that position to form a practice known as Spear & Co., which became Scott & Co, and is now part of WHK Otago.
1936In February Mr W V Thomas joined the firm as Office Junior.
1935Mr Robertson continued in practice until mid 1935 when he died very suddenly. He was a bachelor and among the bequests in his Estate, which included the Oamaru Borough Council and the Waitaki Hospital Board, was the fact that he left his complete business to his Chief Clerk, Mr C G Meikle. Among his staff at that time was Mr J B Spear.
1922This firm commenced business as professional accountants when Mr Hugh Robertson left his employment as an accountant for Wright Stephenson and Co Ltd, and went into business on his own account at 87 Thames Street (a building which was formally the old Imperial Hotel).Mr Robertson was a member of an Oamaru family of four brothers, all of whom were astute businessmen and left their mark on this town, although the only remaining one, at this time, is Robertson’s Mitre 10. An original client of Mr Robertson was Mr Fred Ongley, an Oamaru Solicitor whose firm later became know as Ongley and Grater and now is known as Dean & Associates. A close association with that firm continues today.