As your balance date approaches you will soon receive our blue forms asking you for information.  Depending on your business type this will include debtors, creditors, work in progress, stock and cash on hand.


The reason we send these out now rather than later in the year, when we are preparing your annual accounts, is that it can be difficult to remember these details months after the end of the financial year.


Below are some helpful hints for gathering your records for the 2021 financial year

  • Put together a file of invoices for assets purchased during the year
  • More frequently suppliers are sending documents electronically, you can forward these emails to your accountant as you receive them who will store them for year end.
  • It is harder for us to access bank information direct from banks on your behalf, please supply closing bank statements, loan statements and interest certificates. If you didn’t receive a paper copy these can be obtained from internet banking.