We have been clients of McKenzie Accountants, since the onset of Fraser’s business. As the one who does the bookwork for our farm, I am the one who has had more contact with Fraser and his staff.


So, what do I think of McKenzie & Co as an accounting firm?

The premises are airy and well lighted. I am always greeted warmly on the phone. The person that I have dealt with more than any other, Debbie Gilchrist, has always been cheerful – even after the third or fourth time I have rung on the same day!

We have appreciated that while Fraser is an accountant he does have his hand on the pulse of what is happening agriculturally in the area as well as knowing some of the trends that are occurring.

When, I have been a bit ticked off, when our yearly accounts seem to be taking a long time, and I have toyed with the idea of going elsewhere, I have taken stock of the advantages that I enjoy because of the staff.

I have appreciated the warm professionalism of the ones who have come into my home to help me firstly with Cash Manager, and secondly when we changed to Bank Link.

I have valued the helpfulness of the staff when I have had enquiries about wages and tax. We have also appreciated the courses that have been run by the firm, and we have taken advantage of these. We have found them to have been very worthwhile.

Lastly, I have been touched by what I have perceived as genuine concern, from different staff, when I was very unwell, this year.

On the whole our experience of McKenzie & Co is a very positive one, and I am sure that it will continue to be so.