“After 5 years of managing dairy farms, this year we decided to finally go into business for ourselves, so we took on a lower order share milking job of 1200 cows.

With this big move we needed to make things as easy as possible as we’ve never paid wages before or had farm related expenses.

After talking to Karen at McKenzie Craik Ltd Accountants she recommended a payroll package and gave us a demo disc to play with and we were surprised at how easy it was to use.  We purchased the software, loaded all our staff details on and have been using it problem free ever since.

The next challenge was how to efficiently do our accounts and we were recommended Cash Manager Rural software by other farmers and once again Karen supported us in this decision.  After an on-farm visit to assist with set up and training we were once again on the right track and now it is great having accurate data available at your fingertips.

We have found the support of McKenzie Craik Ltd wonderful and that by using great software we have more time to focus on our family and other areas of our business.”